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Kim !!!

March 18, 2010

Mom says:

We’re waiting…we’re waiting…we’re walking…we’re walking…we’re sleeping…we’re sleeping……….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I’m tired of waiting, so I’m going without you… I am going to make some frogs. 

What do frogs have to with Chinese fashion?

You will just have to follow this link to find out!



March 8, 2010

I really don’t like that picture!! It’s a bad one.

Yea, I brought you the books down, next I will put all my notes together.

I know I should probably know this, but what Online Software to organize it?

Mom says:

The link is in the post below.  By the picture you don’t like.

Try this link for Chinese fashion.  Let’s do the activities, you think?

I know that it’s break time…

March 8, 2010

Mo m says:

And those library books are due.

Use this online software to organize those thoughts

Because my fine cash is few.

Learning to document

March 4, 2010

Screenshot of interactive web page

Mom says:

We have to learn to document using interactive sites.

A jpeg will do it with just a little bite.

We don’t need the whole thing,

But link where it goes

Let’s figure this out

Before the end of the snows.

High Heels vs Foot Binding

March 3, 2010

My thoughts on high heels and foot binding, are, that they both damage your foot.

The high heel foot is on the right, and the foot binding foot is on the left.

In this photo of an x-ray, you can see how much damage those things do to your feet. The foot binding looks like it does a lot more damage, but the high heel still does too. I’m glad the foot binding was banned, because, it made all those young girls feet deformed, and made them crippled. The high heels, I think they should stop making them so high, I think its OK for women to wear ones like this only sometimes, or else your foot my get ruined.

For the foot binding, the cloth was so tight, that it broke the girls toes and bent them under the foot, people who were interviewed said they cried for about one or two years over the pain. When they had to let them out, it hurt even more, so they kept the feet in the wrap the whole time. At first my mom told me that when they did this to the girls, the were like three years old, so it didn’t hurt so much. After reading some more about it, I found out that they started doing this when the girls were about eight or nine, so it must have hurt A LOT.

Women here wear high heels, because here it is a sign of beauty.  In ancient China, foot binding was also a sign of beauty, and could not find a husband without doing it. When you think about it, women today wear high heels a bunch. If they keep doing that, their feet will be deformed, and they wont be able to walk normally again. Take a look at the photo again, you can see how similar and how UN-similar they are. Both feet are bent naturally, the top of the feet are bent out, the bridge is curved in, and the toes are bent. This will cause your foot permanent damage.

I say you can wear high heels, but not to much, and I’m glad foot binding was banned.



Foot binding vs high heels?

February 25, 2010

Google Image Result for

Mom says:

Take a look at this site and the x-rays and compare the two.  China and right now in the US.

China fashion

February 24, 2010

Foot Binding:

I think it was very painful to have been bounded. Little girls in Ancient China bound their feet because it was a fashion style to have little feet, and it was thought to be beautiful. When the little girl was about five or six, her feet were bound. They spent a good part of their time crying for about three years, until the pain wasn’t that bad. When they bound the feet, the foot bones were bent, and the cloth was rapped so tight on the foot, it broke the toes and bent them under.

So far I have read that there are two stories to why the binding was created. One of the stories is that in the eleventh century, an empress was born. Empress Taki. She was born with deformed, so for her to avoid future humiliation, her father said that only women with really small feet could be considered feminine. So the young women started binding their feet, and soon their feet were deformed also.

Binding feet was banned in 1902, but the tradition continued secretly.